The name of our blog is based on a conversation that I had with my graphic designer (which will soon lead to a new website of the same name). During the conversation my designer asked what the impetus behind the store (Frame of Mind) was. As I espoused on the theory that I had for starting an optical boutique/alternative art venue, I realized that the core ideas are so much bigger than providing eyewear to Columbia. The realization was that Frame of Mind is more about lifestyle than eyewear, it is about being you and finding new parts of who you are as a person. And thus the name “this is why I am” was born.
The blog is dedicated to showing all the aspects of life that make us who we are. From music, art, architecture, eyewear, to fashion, and so on. Everything we encounter in life makes us who we are and a unique individual. We will also feature videos and comments from customers and friends of Frame of Mind to show the diversity that makes us all so beautiful and Columbia such a great place to live.