Why not eyewear? We are not talking about the eyewear from 50 years ago, or even 30. The past 15 to 20 years has provided some amazing growth in the eyewear industry, particularly in how it is viewed. Eyewear now is as much a fashion accessory as a medical device. Indeed, it is the only accessory that you wear 7 days a week. Imagine wearing the same shoes or belt every day. Eyewear has become the new “go to” for showing who you are as a person.

Frame of Mind understands that eyewear affects how you are seen, as well as how you see. We take the concept one step further than most optical shops by giving you the best designs that we can find, not the designs that have the biggest names. We believe that every person is truly unique and their eyewear should reflect  their uniqueness.

Please, don’t go thru life wearing somebody else’s eyewear. Pick your eyewear and wear it proudly.