I choose to be a dreamer.   I choose to go left when everybody goes right.  I choose to believe that people don’t have to be like everybody else, and that, if given the option, they would choose to show their own individuality and uniqueness. 

Well…am I wrong?  Is the city that I love stuck trying to be like everybody else?  Do we really believe in ourselves, our individuality, our beauty? 

This question is proving to be a difficult question for us.  Frame of Mind is privileged to have become a part of the underground art movement in Columbia.  Everything that we believe in our eyewear (how it affects those who wear them as well as those who see them) is embodied in the arts community.  In a way, FOM is the artist in a world of big business.  The eyewear industry is “big” business, designed to pump out hundreds of thousands of frames and sell them to you because “everybody else is wearing them”.  We believe like most artists do, that each person has their own individuality and beauty, and to cover that up with a “sheep mentality” is a travesty.   But once again, where are the dreamers, the individuals in our city?

Let me encourage people to think (please).  Why do I wear this shirt, this pair of pants, this pair of eyeglasses?  Be honest with yourself.  Think about the possibilities.  And go into the city and look for the small business person (the dreamer) that believes that they have exactly what YOU need, that you more than likely never knew existed.

And while you are at it, take in an art show or two.  Go watch a play.  Listen to a local band play.  Supports the arts because wherever there is a thriving arts scene there is a thriving city.