Here is a portion of an article that was recently released in the March edition of the new local magazine “Briefs”. 

…a local retailer likewise saw a need for some cultural activity downtown, and in this age of “yes we can”, decided to do something about it.  Frame of Mind, a chic eyeglasses shop in the 1500 block of Main Street, began organizing an event on the first Thursday of each month, featuring an eclectic mix of both visual and performing arts.  Including belly dancers.  Yes, I said belly dancers!  The event caught on, and began spilling out onto the sidewalk;  neighboring businesses began getting into the act too.  December’s event  was billed as Mingle and Jingle on Main; it was hands-down the best local arts event we’ve attended in a long time, and to use a cyber-metaphor, it was completely user-defined, with each participant doing their own thing to celebrate the upcoming holidays…

…so the atmosphere was like one big friendly block party, rather than an organized commercial event.  400 or so of Columbia’s coolest artists and performers ready to relax, socialize, check out each other’s work, and well…mingle and jingle.  A huge shout-out, high five, and pat on the back to the organizers for a low-key and festive event that showed once again that Main St is becoming the new Vista. – August Krickel /Briefs magazine, March edition

I am glad to hear that somebody got exactly the feeling we were going for.  Our goal for the art shows (and the store itself) is to have that laid back, friendly, non commercial feel.  If you haven’t made it to one of the art shows, then I extend a personal invitation to you.  The next event will be on Thursday April 1st.  And the outdoors will be hopping.