Have you seen No Reservations before?  No?  Watch it.  While Anthony Bourdain may not be the cleanest cut spokesperson in the world, he does have an uncanny ability to see and speak the truth.  For instance watch this piece from the No Reservations: Ireland show.

Know what I hear and see?  Columbia, SC.  That’s what.  No we don’t have all the violence and such.  But to be honest, the core principals of where Belfast was a few years ago and where Columbia is now are eerily similar.  A lot of misunderstanding and distrust.  A lot of trying to hold on to a past that serves Columbia better by being used as bedrock to a brighter future. 

Did you catch how and why Belfast is coming alive?  People deciding that they want a better life, they want more life, and by a business class that is willing to take the risks to give it to the people.  A committed business class that pays no attention to the people who say that it can’t be done.  That is the core of revitalization.  People pushing the boundaries, people wanting to rebuild, people wanting their city to be the best that it can, and people willing to give all that they have to make it so.  Just watch the piece again.  Listen to the restaurant owner talk about his city and his restaurant.  That is passion and commitment. 

As usual (for me at least) Anthony Bourdain keeps pushing me to be better.  To take the risks that need to be taken to make Columbia a truly exciting and up and coming town.  Won’t you join me?  Won’t you join a committed group of businesses that are striving to bring Columbia to life?