Businesses are funny creatures. There are many reasons to start a business; most are a variation of the desire to make money. But a few are started with the belief that you can truly change the world. Frame of Mind is one of those beliefs, one of those creatures that began with the specific intention of changing people, how people see each other, and how those people see their community.

It is easy to say that you want to change the world you live in, to say that you can make an impact, but another to actually pull it off. It has been said that business people are born, not made. After three years of struggling on a rebuilding street, educating the wonderful people of the Columbia Metropolitan about art and eyewear, and watching dreams die on an almost daily basis (to be reborn the next day), I can say that I am born for this adventure…that I live for this adventure…and that I am a better person for taking this adventure on.

Each day is another step on this amazing (and difficult) journey. Then, you hit some milestones along the journey that remind you what it is all about. This story on WACH Fox 57 happens to be one of them for me.

Just remember that your local shops have worked hard to be where they are.  It is not easy owning a business (no matter the reason they started).  So go out and support your local businesses. 

And hopefully, I will see you on Main Street soon.