January 21st, 2011

Columbia SC


Frame of Mind: Molly Harrel

The Lewis Hine quote, “If I could say it in words, I wouldn’t need to lug around a camera,” is a perfect description of Molly Harrell’s passion and abilities.  Frame of Mind and Molly invite you to take a journey through some of her recent work and to take a trip back in time to past portraits of some of the most interesting, outstanding people of Columbia SC.  In addition to the photography show, she will be premiering a short film entitled “I’m Still Standing” and a book. Her works are as full of adventure as Molly herself, and we hope you have as much fun viewing the photographs as she had taking them. After all, it’s not the destination you’ll remember…it’s the experience of the journey itself.

Additionally, we will have jewelry by Caroline Hatchell.  In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Gervais and Vine will be onsite with wine and chocolate! 

anastasia & FRIENDS: “Love: A Fair”

This exhibition/gathering will be held at a specified time and place to share with people the strong affection one may have for another based on personal ties, kinship, desire, or admiration. This will be the largest group exhibition ever held at Anastasia & FRIENDS. This month’s show will include paintings, mixed media, and sculpture by Eileen Blyth, Judy Bolton Jarrett, Claude Buckley, Anastasia Chernoff, Diane Gilbert, Bonnie Goldberg, Matthew Kramer, Ron Marsh, Lauren Maurer, Tim McLendon, Jim Middlebrooks, Michaela Pilar Brown, Brian Pyle, Roger Reed, David Smith, Cedric Umoja, and David West. We’re all ready to give you a taste of the many takes we have on love.

Delicious treats will be provided by Cabo Fresh Taco and super fine truffles by Joseph Vernon, owner of “It’s a Chocolate Shop.”

S & S Art Supply: “Anamnesis”: Abstract Works by Allison Broome

In her large-scale oil paintings and prints, Allison explores the idea of memory and memory loss.  “…Currently, I am thinking about the ideas surrounding memory. I’m fascinated with the way that we are able to recall a specific part of a memory when other parts are foggy; they are unattainable and lost. Likewise, with my paintings and prints, I am providing the viewer with a space that shows both clarity and loss of information.  My process is to build up structures of marks into a mass of information and then knock back areas with glazes in an effort to eliminate recognition. What’s left are areas, or peepholes, of clear understanding of what was there and areas where information is fogged over and lost.”

The Busking Project

In March of 2011 the members of this project will travel to over 30 countries to film, interview, and document street performers. The material gathered will be compiled to produce a film, a photo-narrative book, and a collection of articles designed to communicate the importance of this worldwide cultural phenomenon.

In order to prepare for the journey, The Busking Project is holding a fundraiser/art sale in Columbia at the old Gotham Bagel location across the street from the Columbia Museum of Art and next door to Frame of Mind.  We’d like to invite you to support The Busking Project and South Carolina artists. Come and take advantage of this opportunity to hear the music of a self-taught, one-man-band, Jim Hadley. You’ll be able to experience live performances from the African drum troupe, Next Door Drummers and hula-hooper, Carley Haberkorn.

Frame of Mind is open Tuesday through Friday 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday 12 pm to 4pm, and is located at 1520 Main Street across from the Art Museum in Columbia, South Carolina.

You may contact Mark Plessinger by calling (803)988-1065 or via email at frameofmind@sc.rr.com.