I was watching an excellent documentary on rock photography the other day and heard the main character make this statement about guitar heroes. The statement is interesting to me because of how it has impacted me over the past week or so.
At first, I didn’t even hear the quote. It was there. It was spoken, obviously, but it didn’t hit my consciousness until minutes later. And, it kept buzzing around in my head.
It riveted me. Reflection ensued. Did it fit? Do artists have the ability to pre-visualize their lives? Does it actually work? Then I realized, no it is all wrong. Artists don’t pre-visualize themselves; they feel their passion. They live their passion. They can’t help but do what they do, as painful as it may be at times. But, they do not see their lives laid out in front of them.
I was pretty certain of this as I thought about it for a few days. Yes, it was right. It had to be; it just felt right. Then, First Thursdays on Main (March) happened. I began to realize that the statement has some truth to it. As I watched the people on Main Street that night, I saw good times, dancing, talking, sharing, and enjoying the amazing art being shown. And, then I was reminded by my friends that I had created this (inadvertently) and that indeed it was a part of my vision for this business I founded over three years ago.
Intrinsic to the very core of Frame of Mind, impacting the city of Columbia and beyond has driven this vision…my art. The road map? Downtown Columbia, Columbia Metro, the Midlands, our state, the Southeast, and then ultimately the East Coast. The FOM Series began as a way to spark interest in and ignite excitement about Main Street present and future via events that would foster a sense of community. Thank you to my friends who recently reminded me that my vision has come to life before my eyes.
Pre-visualizing your life? Well, I guess I would say that you can see your life before you, but that it is mainly driven by your passion, by that yearning to do what is deep inside of you. Find that passion, and you can have a far ranging impact in life. You will likely have to navigate pain, doubt, and indecision along the journey.
Trust me. It is worth it.