Here is the press release covering the events for this month’s First Thursday and a link to a wonderful article in the Free Times magazine.

First Thursdays on Main: August heats up Columbia’s Arts Corridor!

July 25th, 2011
Columbia SC 

 Frame of Mind: Twisted

The August FOM Series is all wired up with the return of Bohumila Augustinova to our little gallery. Bohumila will be making her third appearance with her new show Twisted, a collection of wire works inspired by an old Moravian technique called “tinkering.” Of special interest will be the current collection of wire dresses she has been working on for the last year. The warrior motif pieces will be shown on live models on the night of the FOM Series; one of these meticulously woven wonders takes the artist approximately three months to complete. She expects to complete this collection within the next year or so. We’ll also have some of her recycled dresses on display from Runaway Runway, along with other custom wire pieces (kite, masks, and jewelry). 

 She’s collaborated with Columbia photographer, Mark Green, and videographer, Jason Stroud, to make this a truly dynamic installation and to help deliver the high energy that her shows have become known for. And the energy will continue outside with our usual assortment of entertainment including DJ Deft Key spinning his signature electronic deep beat, Fire In Motion keeping it hot for you viewing pleasure, local slam poet Kendal Turner emceeing the event and spitting her latest creations, and James Raley awing you with his best sideshow trickery.

 Gervais and Vine will be in the house (of course) to bring you some great wine.  

 Anastasia & Friends:  VESSELS!

For the August at Anastasia & Friends, Katherine Elliott, Kara Gunter, Paul Kaufmann, Matthew Kramer, Paul Moore, Virginia Scotchie, Roe Young, and I have collaborated with three of the area’s award-winning and most innovative floral and plant artists, Sandra Crosland Chastain, Candace Engel and Rudy Goff to create a show like you’ve never seen on Main Street! VESSELS is an art exhibition where organic meets and becomes sculpture. The exhibition will include ceramic, metal and mixed media in conjunction with a vast variety of exotic flowers and plants. The works of art that have been created will include openings for plant and floral artists to create organic sculptures that harmonize with the vessels. 

 Many thanks to Florida State Wholesale Flower Farm for sponsoring the incredible flowers that you’ll see in the show, and to Verde Garden for being the succulent and exotic plant sponsor for this innovative show. Special thanks to Roe Young (with Roe Young State Farm) who continues to spoil us every month with his generous sponsorship of wine and cheese. He’s been our sponsor for a year and half now, and we appreciate him so much. 

 S&S Art Supply: Impremio: Exploratory Prints by Grace Rockafellow

Watch a whole lineup of Hip Hop performances, make a print with this month’s artist Grace Rockafellow, watch live art making outside, and more at S&S’s show this month! Playing with Surrealism and Nature, Grace Rockafellow also implements personal memories and images of her family. “I am finding printmaking to be my visual language….I try to let the image tell me what to do next,” she says. She is a very process-oriented printmaker, working mostly with mono prints this past year. She will have a little setup inside the store where you can make a simple print to take home! This will be happening throughout the evening, so stop in and get creative!

 We’re also proud to announce the “New Edition Block Party.”  The New Edition Block Party is a microcosm of NSHHL’s & Luis Skye’s newest venture especially designed for S&S Art Supply store’s First Thursdays on Main event. This live event will be bringing hiphop LIVE in full effect RIGHT in front of the store! Hosted by Luis Skye’s own Angel, this live event will feature the soaring DJ Peoples (Luis Skye/Cut Fresh Crew) & DJ Kingpin (NSHHL/Official Block Banga) on the wheels of steel; b-boys & bgirls including breakers from 3rd Dimension & Tribe SK, as well as a live piece presented by Izms of Art’s own Carlos Bilal!! 

 Tapp’s Art Center: Novam Project: Pilot

Meet us at the Tapp’s to experience the opening performance of Novam Project: Pilot. Produced by Bonnie Boiter-Jolley and Margey Bolen in collaboration with Robert Michalski, Jessica Stroupe and Keith Mearns. Pilot showcases the fresh vision of Columbia’s upcoming dance talent, featuring choreography by Mearns and Michalski. Come together in celebration of a novel movement brought to you from the heart of Columbia’s next generation of dance.

Show times are at 7 and 8 p.m. and are free to the public.

 Mast General Store

The “Where in the Midlands is Morihiko?” Series gets a reprise to enjoy the “Famously Hot” summer and give more of its popular ensemble performances, the next to be performed at Columbia’s newest hotspot – the recently-opened Mast General Store, Thursday, Aug. 4th from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Admission is free.

The quartet will include flutes, clarinet and cello, along with Maestro Morihiko Nakahara.

 White Mule

The Mule will feature singer/songwriter Jimmy Dasher.  Jimmy says that he draws his unique sound from many sources to create an original amalgam of rock’n’roll, current indie music, soul and funk, blues, jazz, folk and country. Come out and let his music bring a smile to your face! No cover!

Hampton Street Vineyard

August is almost here, and once again we’ll be celebrating First Thursday with the “Main Street Merchants”! “Total Denial” will be entertaining us once again, only this time inside the air conditioning!  Come and kick back to the bluegrass sounds and enjoy a break from the heat.  They will be starting around 7:30 – 8:00. Michelle will be mixing up some drink specials as well and always some fabulous food for your pallet.

Frame of Mind is open Tuesday through Friday 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday 12 pm to 4pm, and is located at 1520 Main Street across from the Art Museum in Columbia, South Carolina.  You may contact Mark Plessinger by calling (803)988-1065 or via email at