This month, we are taking on the establishment with Linda Toro’s “Society and the Self: A Photographic Study of Gender.” We figured since this weekend is Pride Weekend, we might as well join the fun by bringing you a cutting edge photographic view of gender versus what society views as the norm. The images you’ll see in Society and Self: A Photographic Study of Gender explore the complexities of identity related to the sexual self, whether female, male, neither, or both. These photos break the rules regarding gender roles and invite conversation and speculation about social and societal norms. They examine the provocative and intriguing nature of our selves, and our desire for each other, without limits or taboos. They are an exercise in discovering who we are, regardless of our gender. All we ask is that you come in, and check it out with an open mind.

Outdoor entertainment will be Fire In Motion, James “Wild Man” Raley, DJ Guy L, and Kendal Turner, with a special collaboration with Kendal, Guy and Fire In Motion. Also, John Tudor will be here to amaze you with his magic.

Refreshments will be provided inside by Gervais and Vine.

Facebook invite is here:!/event.php?eid=219631741417892