Continuing the push to show that art is more than just canvas or marble, Frame of Mind is proud to present “Ink”. The show is featuring about 10 local (Columbia, SC) tattoo artists and will give them the ability to show their “fine” art as well as their “commercial” art (the human canvas version). Stop in and check it out and feel free to peruse the “art for your face” that is on display.

“Ink” is more than just skin deep; it is about the deeply meaningful art that is produced by some of the most talented (and underappreciated) artists in Columbia. Darcy Del Priore, Dave Iaquinta, Franklin McKenzie, Jeremy Lewis, Jonathon Cheston, and Shannon Purvis will represent the deep talent pool of Columbia artists who bring people’s dreams and passions to life. Stop in to experience the power of “Ink.”

And of course, Gervais and Vine will be in house serving up the wine, while the outdoor stage will be rocking with the music of DJ Deft Key and the usual showcase of fire and sideshow extravagance featuring Kendal Turner, Chris Carney, James Raley, Gina Wolfe, and Serpentine Bellydance.

Fascebook event page here:!/event.php?eid=199662840099490