Frame of Mind

What is Frame of Mind?

Frame of Mind is an optical boutique/ alternative art venue.  We specialize in exclusive european eyewear, with brands such as Theo, Anne et Valentin, IC Berlin, and FreudenHaus.  Our eyewear is the most unique and has the highest quality that you can find in the state of South Carolina.

The alternative art venue part of our business was created to help get exposure to talented local artists.  It is designed to offer a space that is non traditional for most artist (aka not an art gallery) and includes the opportunity to cross the boundaries of the art scene.  The openings typically feature a visual artist with some form of a performance artist (for example, paintings on the walls with poetry being read by some of the areas top poets).

Frame of Mind’s goal is to merge art and eyewear together.  To show people that they are, in fact, one in the same.

Who is Frame of Mind?

Savannah-born, nurtured by the farmlands of the buck-eye state, and rooted deeply within the clay sands of the capital city of this beloved South Carolina, Mark Plessinger owns Frame of Mind, The Art of Eyewear (FOM) with his wife and business partner, Wendy. You’ll find this optical boutique and alternative art venue tucked right in the middle of Main Street across from the Museum of Art.

Outfitted in a very metro-modern style, FOM invites you to come in and stay awhile. Mark’s business is the perfect self-portrait, a swirling organic energy that gives way to the verve for which he is so well-known. He graduated from the University of South Carolina with his degree in HRTA and has spent the last 15 years in management and sales in the optical industry.

When Mark opened FOM almost four years ago, he wanted to bring something unseen and unavailable as of yet to the citizens of South Carolina…to impact lives with his art…to change how people saw themselves and the community. Many of the lines of frames he carries are exclusive to FOM; these pieces of “functional art” (as Mark calls them) that fill the shop displays are the pallet he uses to design faces! As a board-certified optician, Mark explains, “We fill a medical need, but it’s about so much more. We represent a new way of looking at things. A fresh take…lives transformed by the art of our eyewear.”

This vision to impact the lives of people in the community culminated in the creation of a monthly art show called the FOM Series…and eventually to the revival of a grass-roots art corridor on Main Street, which is now celebrated as “First Thursdays.” Since its inception three years ago, the FOM Series has opened 40 art shows featuring various mediums and artists to include recycled fashion, photography, terrariums, tattoos, paintings from abstract nudes to avant-garde, jewelry, sculpture, and the performance arts from spoken word to fire spinning to all forms of dancing.

A determined man, Mark is hard at work building the street, building the community, and building the arts. “When I saw this place, I instinctively knew that I would fill this space with art.” And so he has.


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