Urban Tour: A Rockin’ Good Time featuring the Art of the Cirque

March 22nd, 2011
Columbia SC

Frame of Mind: The Art of the Cirque
Here we are at yet another of the largest of the First Thursdays, Urban Tour. Urban Tour, a City Center Partnership (CCP) sponsored event, usually brings 8,000 to 10,000 people to Main Street.
So, Frame of Mind has decided to up the ante by bringing together one of the largest and most ambitious shows to date at our monthly FOM Series event.
Our featured attraction? All things Alternacirque! We’ve gathered an eclectic mix of artists and their take on each of the members of Alternacirque in very cool, collectible fantasy trading card format. Visual artists, Dre Lopez, Sammy Lopez, Lyon Hill, Caytlin Maloney, August Hoerr, and Teejei Amala, work their magic to creatively bring you Alternacirque like it’s never been see before!
For your viewing pleasure, (video artist extraordinaire) Jason Stroud’s video installation showcases these performers from his perspective. And, of course, Alternacirque will be performing small vignettes in front of the shop and a full-on 45 minute show in Boyd Plaza.
Prepare to be delighted!

S&S Art Supply: Figure Ei8ht
Local Artist, Amanda Ladymon, serves as adjunct faculty at Augusta State University, and she is bringing over some of her top students’ compilations of figure drawings for your perusal. We’d love you to stop by and enjoy these treats along with other tasty morsels we will be providing.

Columbia Museum of Art Shop: Jenny Mae Hill
Join us at the Museum Shop for an evening of entertainment, prizes, food, drink and fun! Everything is going down on Main St. between 5:30-10 pm. We’ll be open and featuring the adorable sock oddities of local artist, Jenny Mae Creations, whose work has appeared in Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.

Main Street, Columbia SC: Urban Tour
Save the Date! We have an exciting entertainment line-up of music ready for you to enjoy. All the bands/entertainers will be spread out along Main St (from the 1200 block to the 1700 block) with a Main Stage located in the 1200 block.

Featured: Say Brother (Bluesy bar rock), Whiskey Tango Revue (Outlaw country), The Unawares (Garage rock), Magnetic Flowers (Indie folk), Day Clean (Soul, folk, hip hop duo with vocals, guitar and cello), Artist Ernest Lee (AKA Chicken Man-one of Columbia’s icons showcasing his dancing chickens painted in bright primary colors and pastels), Jamie Beresford Trio (Live Jazz trio), singers/songwriters from the Musicians and Songwriters Guild of SC (4 women showcasing original acoustic work), Columbia Alternacirque (Columbia’s lovable band of circus misfits), Lunch Money (Indie music for the whole family), Ernie Halter (Indie singer/songwriter with hints of blues, rock, jazz and soul), DJ Fred GLDFNGR (Spinning House and Poptronica), Doug and Bunny Williams (Music duo presenting standards and swing), The Columbia Shag Club (Preserving the art of shag dancing since 1982), THE Dubber (Funk, Rock, Reggae, and Hip-Hop)

Don’t forget that the businesses on Main will be open. Stop in and check out what’s happening in their shops!

Frame of Mind is open Tuesday through Friday 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday 12 pm to 4pm, and is located at 1520 Main Street across from the Art Museum in Columbia, South Carolina.

You may contact Mark Plessinger by calling (803)988-1065 or via email at frameofmind@sc.rr.com.


“It is almost like they pre-visualized their lives”.

I was watching an excellent documentary on rock photography the other day and heard the main character make this statement about guitar heroes. The statement is interesting to me because of how it has impacted me over the past week or so.
At first, I didn’t even hear the quote. It was there. It was spoken, obviously, but it didn’t hit my consciousness until minutes later. And, it kept buzzing around in my head.
It riveted me. Reflection ensued. Did it fit? Do artists have the ability to pre-visualize their lives? Does it actually work? Then I realized, no it is all wrong. Artists don’t pre-visualize themselves; they feel their passion. They live their passion. They can’t help but do what they do, as painful as it may be at times. But, they do not see their lives laid out in front of them.
I was pretty certain of this as I thought about it for a few days. Yes, it was right. It had to be; it just felt right. Then, First Thursdays on Main (March) happened. I began to realize that the statement has some truth to it. As I watched the people on Main Street that night, I saw good times, dancing, talking, sharing, and enjoying the amazing art being shown. And, then I was reminded by my friends that I had created this (inadvertently) and that indeed it was a part of my vision for this business I founded over three years ago.
Intrinsic to the very core of Frame of Mind, impacting the city of Columbia and beyond has driven this vision…my art. The road map? Downtown Columbia, Columbia Metro, the Midlands, our state, the Southeast, and then ultimately the East Coast. The FOM Series began as a way to spark interest in and ignite excitement about Main Street present and future via events that would foster a sense of community. Thank you to my friends who recently reminded me that my vision has come to life before my eyes.
Pre-visualizing your life? Well, I guess I would say that you can see your life before you, but that it is mainly driven by your passion, by that yearning to do what is deep inside of you. Find that passion, and you can have a far ranging impact in life. You will likely have to navigate pain, doubt, and indecision along the journey.
Trust me. It is worth it.


February 22nd, 2011
Columbia SC

Frame of Mind: Molly Harrell Redux
If you couldn’t make it to the February opening of Molly Harrell at FOM, please come by for another chance to see her sublime work! You’ll enjoy the journey through some of her most recent work (which includes her newest short film entitled “I’m Still Standing” and the book by the same name). Molly has photographed many of Columbia’s citizens, and part of the show is a collection of 100 of those photos. Who knows, your picture may be featured on the walls of Frame of Mind.

March also marks the return of performance artists, which has become a signature part of the FOM Series. This month, Workshop Theatre will be here to showcase their new play “Victor Victoria”. For your viewing pleasure, we’re excited to present the always thrilling performances from Fire in Motion,Tribe SK, and Luna Trix.

Additionally, we will have many one-of-a-kind pieces from the jewelry collection by local artisan, Caroline Hatchell.

Many thanks go to our friends at Gervais and Vine who will be providing the wine.

anastasia & FRIENDS: Kiting in the Gallery
What better month than March for the perfect time of year to go Kiting in the Gallery?

Michael Anastasion, Bohumila Augustinova, Anastasia Chernoff, Blair Gary, Paul Kaufmann, Michael Krajewski, Matthew Kramer, Michaela Pilar Brown, Alex Smith, and Roe Young are ready to give you our take on kites … some of them may dazzle, some may disturb, and others may humor.

Be sure to thank Roe Young with State Farm for sponsoring our wine and cheese this month, and Barton Dumas, owner of Cabo Fresh Taco, for graciously agreeing to provide us with some delicious food from his place, located at 1425 Sumter Street in Columbia.

S & S Art Supply: Through Two Lenses
This photographic exhibition is featuring two young fresh on-the-scene photographers, one a permanent resident, and one a foreign visitor. This exhibition explores the vastly different perspectives of one’s surrounding environment. There is the belief that the more you revisit a place, the less (or more depending on your level of observation) you notice about your surroundings. Thomas Hammond’s photographic approaches vary with …unpredictably beautiful and raw portrayals of the city and what surrounds it. Alessandra Gerevini’s photographs take a more emotionally intimate self-portraiture approach, feeling like an outsider looking in.
Thomas Hammond is a local Columbia artist that enjoys capturing the beauty of Columbia and the surrounding areas. Most of his works use everything from a simple Holga to a more sophisticated Yashica twin lense. About his process, Hammond says, “I hope to be able to demonstrate that new and progressive art can still be achieved through seemingly archaic means.”
Sounds Familiar Records and Mo Betta Soul present Preach Jacobs DJing LIVE!

Frame of Mind is open Tuesday through Friday 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday 12 pm to 4pm, and is located at 1520 Main Street across from the Art Museum in Columbia, South Carolina.

You may contact Mark Plessinger by calling (803)988-1065 or via email at frameofmind@sc.rr.com.

3rd Annual Spring Trunk Show: Premiering 4 New Eyewear Lines

Saturday, February 12th we will be premiering four new eyewear lines. The lines represent some of the best quality available worldwide.

Oscar Magnuson
While Oscar Magnuson spectacles and sunglasses are inspired by fascinating characters, what kind of person wears them? Do frames reflect a facet of one’s personality or a window into one’s alter ego, the person one wishes or pretends to be? This is a question Oscar Magnuson continues to explore, believing that eyewear is a stamp of one’s identity.

Four Eyes
*!$% the stigma, break the mould…Prima Facie is a Latin expression meaning on its first appearance, or by first instance; at first sight. The literal translation would be “from first face”, prima first, face face. Prima facie is often confused with res ipsa loquitor (the thing speaks for itself).

Eyewear for the self assured, confident individual…the fashion forward.

Four Eyes are more than a pair glasses, furniture for your face. Four Eyes are a statement; an indication of personality providing a subtle combination of the unconventional and the eccentric, for a trendy expression of creativity, chic and flair.


Jee Vice
Hand crafted with care in France and Italy, Jee Vice is committed to creating luxurious fashion eyewear, exclusively for women. Drawing on distinctly inspirational designs that offer both remarkable fit and exceptional comfort, Jee Vice is committed to making women feel special with iconic eyewear of sophistication and style. First established in France in 2003, Jee Vice has achieved flagship brand status among artists, trend setters, rock stars and business women throughout the world such as Anne Hathaway, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rhianna, Marcia Cross, Fergie, and many others.


Micromega is a Company of recent constitution, but it uses some experience of three generations of opticians. From the constant great passion for the research and art, and from the consequent innovative push, we reached the admirable result of “Micromega”, the lightest eyewear frame in the world, patented in all the European Countries, U.S.A. and China. This is the most innovative product, extraordinary for his simplicity and for his technical characteristics, to which we placed together other collections of glasses and eyewear frames, some are inspired to the same revolutionary constructive principle, others more traditional but all them of refined taste, always realized exclusively with handicraft productive systems.


Baccarat Jewelry Collection
Exclusively on the day of the event, we’ll have some pieces from the Baccarat Jewelry Collection and Italian watches on hand for purchase. The House of Baccarat perpetuates the great French tradition of a cosmopolitan art of living, and we think you’ll enjoy the pieces we’ll feauture…and just in time for Valentines Day.





January 21st, 2011

Columbia SC


Frame of Mind: Molly Harrel

The Lewis Hine quote, “If I could say it in words, I wouldn’t need to lug around a camera,” is a perfect description of Molly Harrell’s passion and abilities.  Frame of Mind and Molly invite you to take a journey through some of her recent work and to take a trip back in time to past portraits of some of the most interesting, outstanding people of Columbia SC.  In addition to the photography show, she will be premiering a short film entitled “I’m Still Standing” and a book. Her works are as full of adventure as Molly herself, and we hope you have as much fun viewing the photographs as she had taking them. After all, it’s not the destination you’ll remember…it’s the experience of the journey itself.

Additionally, we will have jewelry by Caroline Hatchell.  In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Gervais and Vine will be onsite with wine and chocolate! 

anastasia & FRIENDS: “Love: A Fair”

This exhibition/gathering will be held at a specified time and place to share with people the strong affection one may have for another based on personal ties, kinship, desire, or admiration. This will be the largest group exhibition ever held at Anastasia & FRIENDS. This month’s show will include paintings, mixed media, and sculpture by Eileen Blyth, Judy Bolton Jarrett, Claude Buckley, Anastasia Chernoff, Diane Gilbert, Bonnie Goldberg, Matthew Kramer, Ron Marsh, Lauren Maurer, Tim McLendon, Jim Middlebrooks, Michaela Pilar Brown, Brian Pyle, Roger Reed, David Smith, Cedric Umoja, and David West. We’re all ready to give you a taste of the many takes we have on love.

Delicious treats will be provided by Cabo Fresh Taco and super fine truffles by Joseph Vernon, owner of “It’s a Chocolate Shop.”

S & S Art Supply: “Anamnesis”: Abstract Works by Allison Broome

In her large-scale oil paintings and prints, Allison explores the idea of memory and memory loss.  “…Currently, I am thinking about the ideas surrounding memory. I’m fascinated with the way that we are able to recall a specific part of a memory when other parts are foggy; they are unattainable and lost. Likewise, with my paintings and prints, I am providing the viewer with a space that shows both clarity and loss of information.  My process is to build up structures of marks into a mass of information and then knock back areas with glazes in an effort to eliminate recognition. What’s left are areas, or peepholes, of clear understanding of what was there and areas where information is fogged over and lost.”

The Busking Project

In March of 2011 the members of this project will travel to over 30 countries to film, interview, and document street performers. The material gathered will be compiled to produce a film, a photo-narrative book, and a collection of articles designed to communicate the importance of this worldwide cultural phenomenon.

In order to prepare for the journey, The Busking Project is holding a fundraiser/art sale in Columbia at the old Gotham Bagel location across the street from the Columbia Museum of Art and next door to Frame of Mind.  We’d like to invite you to support The Busking Project and South Carolina artists. Come and take advantage of this opportunity to hear the music of a self-taught, one-man-band, Jim Hadley. You’ll be able to experience live performances from the African drum troupe, Next Door Drummers and hula-hooper, Carley Haberkorn.

Frame of Mind is open Tuesday through Friday 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday 12 pm to 4pm, and is located at 1520 Main Street across from the Art Museum in Columbia, South Carolina.

You may contact Mark Plessinger by calling (803)988-1065 or via email at frameofmind@sc.rr.com.




December 29th, 2010

Columbia, S.C.  – What a way to kick off the 2011 FOM Series season. Yes, it is a continuation of Bonnie’s show from December, but with a twist. Bonnie will be doing some live painting with her Ink and Wine series. This month is designed to be a smaller, more intimate evening with the artist. A chance to watch her work and even experience it personally…you’ll have a chance to sit for one of these Ink and Wine renderings, which will be available for purchase on the evening of the Series.  Also, Gervais and Vine will be here to provide the “wine” for the paintings as well as for your tasting.

Anastasia & Friends is providing the chance to have your New Year’s resolution etched in stone, which would then become a part of an installation at the gallery called Resolution Road for the February 3rd opening.  In collaboration, we will also feature an encore exhibition of paintings, sculpture, and mixed media by Paul Kaufmann, Michael Krajewski, Thomas Crouch, and Anastasia.

S & S Art Supply is proud to present Columbia artist, Rachel Thomason: Gilded Equines, which  is a selection of recent paintings. This show spotlights horses done in gold leaf, as well as other abstract and mixed media works. The gilded paintings range from small and intimate to large and dominating pieces.

The Tapps Art Center Project will reveal the second round of window installations.  The featured artists are Jamie Blackburn, Kara Gunter, Whitney Lejeune, Amanda Ladymon, Gina Langston Brewer, Susan Lenz, Khaldoune Bencheikh, Keith Tolen, Val Zaba, and Mathew John. The interior windows will showcase works by Jefferson Vimana, Pamm Collins, Kim Bookman, Sue Shrader, and Benira Sutphin. This series will remain on display through the end of February.   Other exhibiting artists include: Kirkland Smith, Carey Fluitt, Kjoy, Brent Nichols, Olivia Rae Thompson, LiKisha Dukes, Ian Dillinger, Gina Langston Brewer, Mercy McComb Clonts, Pamm Collins, Julie Larkin, June Tucarella, Amy Windland, Leanne Badeaux, and more.   Hors d’oeuvres will be provided by our neighbors at Villa Tronco and Hennessey’s.

Frame of Mind is open Tuesday through Friday 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday 12 pm to 4pm, and is located at 1520 Main Street across from the Art Museum in Columbia, South Carolina.

You may contact Mark Plessinger by calling (803)988-1065 or via email at frameofmind@sc.rr.com.

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November 28th, 2010

Columbia, SC- Mingle and Jingle is the retail kickoff for the holiday season in downtown Columbia. It takes place on December 2nd (the First Thursday of the month) and is designed to highlight the businesses in the downtown corridor. The festivities include live performances by the Capitol City Playboys, Isabelle’s Gift, Columbia Alternacirque, DayClean, the Mingle and Jingle Jazz Band, the Dark Dolly (living statue) and special guest Lady Chablis. And, art will be the name of the game as there will be at least five different art shows going on inside businesses up and down the street.

Participating businesses include Mac’s on Main, Villa Tronco, Hennessey’s, S&S Art Supply, Tapp’s Center Art Project, Sammie’s Deli, Army Navy Store, The Nickelodeon, Columbia Museum of Art Store, Anastasia & Friends, Free Times, Capitol Places, White Mule, Frame of Mind, City Center City Partnership, Artist in the Arcade, Uptown, and the Whig.

This month Frame of Mind wraps up FOM Series 2010 and kicks off the holiday season at the same time. Bonnie Goldberg is the featured artist of the month and what a wrap up show it will be. Bonnie is one of the most beloved artists in the Columbia community and for good reason. Her “women” are truly amazing.

Anastasia & Friends: This month, the gallery will feature paintings, sculpture and mixed media by Paul Kaufmann, Thomas Crouch, Michael Krajewski and Anastasia Chernoff, video by Jason Stroud and Delirium will return with its legendary dancing on top of the bathrooms.

The Columbia Museum of Art’s Museum Shop will be open and featuring artist Steve Harrell, a skilled wood turner. His pieces are in collections throughout the United States and Europe. What a wonderful opportunity to finish your Christmas shopping: all customers will enjoy a 10% discount on selected items. Museum members will receive an additional 10%. In addition, Columbia Museum of Art t-shirts will be on sale for $5.00.

S & S Art Supply invites you to their ever expanding First Thursday on Main Series. Michael Bolin will be exhibiting works including the new large scale series – Envisage. Michael’s work is done in a realistic/surrealistic style. Envisage is a series of large scale portraits of people as they would envision themselves – producing shared interpretations of the artist and his subjects. Awesome vegetarian fare will be provided by Cabo Fresh Taco.

Studios in the Arcade – The 9 artist studios that make up Studios in the Arcade will be open for all patrons to visit. Take the opportunity to stop in and speak with the artists in their work space and get a feel for exactly who the artists are.

Creating a movement

Businesses are funny creatures. There are many reasons to start a business; most are a variation of the desire to make money. But a few are started with the belief that you can truly change the world. Frame of Mind is one of those beliefs, one of those creatures that began with the specific intention of changing people, how people see each other, and how those people see their community.

It is easy to say that you want to change the world you live in, to say that you can make an impact, but another to actually pull it off. It has been said that business people are born, not made. After three years of struggling on a rebuilding street, educating the wonderful people of the Columbia Metropolitan about art and eyewear, and watching dreams die on an almost daily basis (to be reborn the next day), I can say that I am born for this adventure…that I live for this adventure…and that I am a better person for taking this adventure on.

Each day is another step on this amazing (and difficult) journey. Then, you hit some milestones along the journey that remind you what it is all about. This story on WACH Fox 57 happens to be one of them for me.


Just remember that your local shops have worked hard to be where they are.  It is not easy owning a business (no matter the reason they started).  So go out and support your local businesses. 

And hopefully, I will see you on Main Street soon.

Press Release for FOM Series 11-2010


October 22nd, 2010

Columbia, S.C. – Michael Krajewski. Need we say more? Be ready for a wild ride and expect the unexpected. We will be presenting all things Krajewski, from drawings and paintings to photowork to music videos from his new band Snowman & the Pitch (who happen to have some garage tapes being released very soon). We also are going to mix up the outdoor stage with a combo of street performers. Tribe SK, VerseWorks, and Fire In Motion are all collaborating on a show designed to keep your attention and knock you on your butt. And all of this is sponsored by Gervais and Vine, who will be on hand with some fabulous wines for your tasting pleasure.

Anastasia & Friends will have an exhibit that features a group exhibition of sculpture, paintings and mixed media by Claude Buckley, Sean Williams, Roger Hutchison and Anastasia Chernoff. Also, the gallery is collaborating with ETV for one of their Carolina Stories’ documentaries about legendary advertising savant, Elliott White Springs. His provocative advertising slant is said to have changed the entire approach of the country’s advertising industry. Dana McCullough, from ETV, will present some of Springs art and artifacts during the opening and thus will be providing a sneak peek at some of the work that is in the documentary airing on Thursday, Nov. 18th at 9 pm on SCETV.

S&S Art Supply presents FITE KLUB’S FIRST ANNUAL 80’S BABIES POST HALLOWEEN GALLERY BASH! Visuals are provided by FITE KLUB STUDIOS and will broken down into 4 categories of 80’s pop culture, TV SHOWS, FILM, CARTOONS, and VIDEO GAMES. 80’s music will be provided by DJ PRINCE ICE and food by Cabo Fresh Taco. And since it’s a post Halloween bash…that doesn’t mean the costumes should go back to the store…come out dressed in your best (or most ridiculous) 80’s attire.

The Columbia Museum of Art’s Museum Shop will be open and featuring the art of Clay Burnette.

Studios in the Arcade – The 8 artist studios that make up Studios in the Arcade will be open for all patrons to visit. Take the opportunity to stop in and speak with the artist in their space and get a feel for exactly who the artists are.

The Tapps Art Center Project will “Reveal” its Window Installation Series. Local artist, art groups, and businesses will use the Tapp’s windows to create a unique installation of their artwork. This month’s featured artists are Susan Lenz, Amanda Ladymon, Molly Harrell, Mathew John, Amy Windland, Kimberly Bookman, Porter Dodd, Sandra Carr, Southern Pottery, Corley Mill Artist Group, Pat Stone, Jefferson Vimana, Alex Smith, Half Moon Pottery, and Nancy Kauffman. Also there will be many more artists inside the Tapp’s building and some demonstrations going on outside in the “Plein Air Studio”.

And last but not least, Villa Tronco will continue with its popular Opera Night this week.

Frame of Mind is open Tuesday through Friday 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday 12 pm to 4pm, and is located at 1520 Main Street across from the Art Museum in Columbia, South Carolina.

You may contact Mark Plessinger by calling (803)988-1065 or via email at frameofmind@sc.rr.com.

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FOM Series 10-2010 press release

September 29th, 2010

Columbia, S.C. – FOM Series 10/2010 is pushing the envelope a little further this month. We are proud to present “Birds of a feather…” an installation by Shannon Purvis that fuses her love of drawing birds and feathers with her amazing ink work (yes, that is right, tattoos). Come down and get a peek inside the mind that makes Body Rites one of the most unique parlors in Columbia. Also, the talented poets from Verseworks will be presenting a fresh new lineup and Tribe SK will be back to throw down some of the coolest moves found anywhere in Columbia. There is a rumor floating around that there will be a specialist here with a red tail hawk and owl for everybody to enjoy up close. Also, Gervais & Vine/Rosso’s will be on hand with some fabulous wines for you to taste.

The Columbia Museum of Art’s Museum Shop will be open late and featuring the stunning jewelry/art of Cindy Saad.

Anastasia & Friends will have an exhibit that includes a diverse combination of paintings, sculpture, drawings, graphic art, and mixed media created by Michael Bolin, Kdawn Branham, the Half and Half, and Anastasia Chernoff. They will also have singer/songwriter Kevin McGee perform from the elevated stage inside the gallery.

S&S Art supplies presents K&K at S&S. The show features Kirill Simin, Digital Painting and Kimberly Bookman, Acrylic Construction. Kirill’s work is a combination of photography and digital painting using his computer as a canvas to create surreal landscapes and portraits. Kimberly’s work focuses on the building and molding of acrylic paint to create a 3D effect as well as an organic feel mainly with the subject matter of eyes. Music will be provided by DJ Gldfngr and food by Cabo Fresh Taco.

Studios in the Arcade – The 8 artist studios that make up Studios in the Arcade will be open for all patrons to visit. Take the opportunity to stop in and speak with the artist in their space and get a feel for exactly who the artists are.

The Tapps Art Center Project will have a lampwork glass demonstration by Melissa Crook, a clay sculpture demonstration by Sandra Carr, and live painting by Keith Tolen – all outside in what we are calling “The Plein Air Studio” at Tapp’s Plaza. Exhibiting artists include Jamie Blackburn, Ellin Baskin, Amy Windland, Jeannee Bourque, Pat Stone, Cheryl Coble, Brenda Schwarz Miller, Whitney Lejeune, Carol Anderson, Suzanne Amodio, Tam Hicks, Jennifer Ghelardini, Rachelle Brundage, and Benira Sutphin. There will be painting demonstrations inside by members of the Corley Mill Artists Group. Music by Redd Wyne, The Dubber, and Chris Compton.

And last but not least, Villa Tronco will continue with its popular Opera Night this week.

Frame of Mind is open Tuesday through Friday 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday 12 pm to 4pm, and is located at 1520 Main Street across from the Art Museum in Columbia, South Carolina.

You may contact Mark Plessinger by calling (803)988-1065 or via email at frameofmind@sc.rr.com.

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